About Us


In 1932 a new car cost about $600, and my great-grandfather, Ben Berounsky, opened a body shop here in Portsmouth because the only guy in town repairing cars was the local blacksmith. Ben truly enjoyed repairing cars, and taught his son, Henry.

My grandfather, Henry, took over in 1937, then in 1942 temporarily closed the shop because everyone went off to fight in World War II. When the war was over, Ben’s was opened for business once again.

We were here in the 50′s when President Eisenhower signed off on the legislation to build the largest freeway system in the world. By the 60′s, Henry, like his father, began teaching his son, and my father, Mike Senior.

Today, after 88 years, my father, my brother, Jason, and I are all very proud to call Portsmouth our home, and to carry on the vision and values that my great-grandfather, Ben Berounsky gave us 4 generations ago.


Michael Berounsky, Jr.

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