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In 1932 a new car cost about $600, and my great-grandfather, Ben Berounsky, opened a body shop here in Portsmouth because the only guy in town repairing cars was the local blacksmith. Ben truly enjoyed repairing cars, and taught his son, Henry.

My grandfather, Henry, took over in 1937, then in 1942 temporarily closed the shop because everyone went off to fight in World War II. When the war was over, Ben's was opened for business once again.

We were here in the 50's when President Eisenhower signed off on the legislation to build the largest freeway system in the world. By the 60's, Henry, like his father, began teaching his son, and my father, Mike Senior.

Today, after 70 years, my father, my brother, Jason, and I are all very proud to call Portsmouth our home, and to carry on the vision and values that my great-grandfather, Ben Berounsky gave us 4 generations ago.

Michael Berounsky, Jr.

Our Commitment to You

  • We will warmly welcome you. We will be courteous and professional.
  • Time, like money, is something most people have little to waste. We will give all every customer our prompt and undivided attention.
  • Your vehicle will receive a complete pre-repair inspection.
  • We will encourage you to ask questions about how a vehicle is repaired and about your vehicle's safety systems, airbags, energy management and crumple zones as we walk you through the entire repair process.
REMEMBER: Most insurance companies make you believe there are not any important questions that you need to ask.
  • We will offer you the most efficient solution to your insurance claim. Which means your car is repaired with less hassle and stress on you.
  • We will arrange for a rental car, if you need one.
  • We will handle all the details with your insurance company and/or assist you in processing your claim through your insurance or the other party's.

  • Your vehicle will receive a complete post repair inspection.
  • We will thoroughly clean your vehicle inside and out.
  • We confidently support all of our work with a Lifetime Warranty.

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